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Goodlife Health Clubs is one of the fastest growing gym networks with 76 locations across Australia supporting over 200,000 members to live healthier and more active lifestyles.

What's more, a free 5-day pass to any of the Goodlife clubs will open the door to a fitness plan that fits the person who matters the most: You!


Together with Voome, we're giving you the road map to unlocking the complexity around what the appropriate nutrition plan is that fits the person who matters the most. You.

Voome Meal planning and recipes have been designed by experienced trainers and nutritionists - proven to get results at your own pace. Results that you can visualise in between your 3D body mapping sessions on the mPort app.

Total Wellbeing Diet

How do your eating habits measure up? We are pleased to share the Healthy Diet Score - a scientifically validated survey that assesses your eating habits. You can also sign up to the Total Wellbeing Diet, which is personalised to your eating, diet personality and exercise preferences.

Ashy Bines

Join the Ashy Bines tour to connect with squads of females all around the world that support and inspire each other while working out together.

As a squad member, you’ll directly work with the Ashy Bines team, receive daily workouts and incredible videos that will empower you on all things life, nutrition and movement.

What’s more is you can kick off and track your transformation with mPort.

South Pacific Health Clubs

South Pacific Health Clubs are more than just a gym. We offer Fitness regimen, Yoga, Personal Training and state of the art gym facilities in our various Melbourne locations.

Get started with a free guest pass.

Fitness First

We believe fitness can empower us to be our best, live life to the fullest and give us our own winning moments.

Get started with a free 3 day guest pass.

Genesis Fitness Club

We all have our own definition of fitness and health, it's a personal thing. At Genesis, we know that one size definitely doesn't fit everyone - it's all about your goals at your pace.

Get started with a free 1 day guest pass.

Iron Addicts Gym - Signal Hill

Owned by C.T. FLETCHER. The original Iron Addict.

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