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    2. mPort are currently based in the US with our head office in Australia.
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    1. mPort uses revolutionary infrared technology – similar to what’s inside your remote control – to create a 3D avatar of your unique body and capture your body and health measurements. This empowers you to track changes in your body over time and to find the perfect fit without the guesswork. Because there’s nobody like you – and nobody like mPort.
    2. Absolutely. Many women have used mPort to map the changes over time during pregnancy.
    3. Yes, the mPod uses non-invasive infra-red technology to map your body, similar to those in TV remote controls. mPort does not usemicrowaves or anything that involves penetrative scanning. It’s safe for everyone, even for people with pacemakers or other implants.
    4. The mPod uses 200,000 points to map the contours of your body and is accurate to within 1cm.
    1. The mPod is the world’s first full automated body mapping device. Kitted out with the latest in 3D sensor technology, this is where 200,000 body points are mapped to capture your body shape, measurements and key health indexes. The mPod is simple, private and designed for self-assisted use.
    2. Once in the mPod you are greeted with easy to understand audio visual prompts that guide you through the necessary steps to attain your body measurements and health indexes. The whole process takes just a few minutes. During this time, you can also set up your mPort account which enables web and mobile access to the mPort platform.
    3. Yes! The mPod uses non-invasive infrared technology that cannot see through clothes. During the mapping process you'll be asked to remove your outer clothing and stay in your tight undergarments. This enables the mPod to capture your body shape and measurements accurately. The mPod is designed to ensure that the entire process is convenient, safe and secure.
    4. mPort takes customer privacy very seriously. While in use, the mPod is secured from the inside so that you are in full control of your privacy. Our on-ground support team perform daily checks to ensure there has been no breach in security.
    5. No! There are no cameras in the mPod. We use innovative infrared depth sensors that accurately find and measure your body digitally in 3D.
  1. Where do I get mapped?

    Please visit our location page. Here you'll find a list of all our locations and times of when the mPods are available. This list is regularly updated as we introduce more mPods to the public.

    1. At mPort we want you to have the best experience in the mPod.

      To do this we ask you to:

      • Match your feet to the footprints on the floor.
      • Keep your arms straight and touch your knuckles to the pads.
      • Keep a straight back, and keep your chin level.
      • For those of you with long hair, please tie up behind the head. Not on top, not down your back, just right on the back of your head.
      We walk you through these steps using a video in the mPod too!
    2. It’s normal to see ups and downs in your weight, day to day fluctuations can be caused by storage levels of glycogen in your liver and muscles, sodium in your diet, excessive alcohol intake, illness, supplements and or menstrual cycle.

      Within the pod weight disparities are usually caused by the body moving while the application scans your body. Feet position does also impact the measurement, it's important to place your feet exactly on the outline.

      Following these protocols every time will give you the reliability to track how your weight is changing and ultimately guide you to know if you should change something in your nutrition or training approach.

    3. Other methods of measuring your height contain many variables so there could be disparity the first time you use mPort. Once you are regularly using mPort, it's normal to see differences in height during the day of 1-2cm caused by decompression between the discs in your spine. Alongside that if your head position is either slightly forward or your posture is slightly hunched you will see a slight difference in the height measurement.

      • During the mapping you need to make sure your head is facing straight ahead. Don’t look down or up. Just straight ahead.
      • We have depth sensors above your head pointing down. If you don’t stand directly on the feet outlines, the sensor may not align to the top of your head correctly and provide an inaccurate reading.
      • If you have long hair it is important that it is tied up in a bun at the back of the head as the sensors may not be able to penetrate and measure from the top of the head.
    4. There are no hard and fast rules in which you must obey but if you want to know your measurements to track the course of your weight loss, muscle gain or fitness goal then our fitness experts recommend measurement anywhere from weekly to once every 30 days to watch over your progress and guide you to know if you should change something in your approach.

      If tailored clothing is your motivation unless there are changes in your body, weight gain or weight loss we suggest checking in once per year. Other members tell us they use mPort for the historical tracking of their body shape and size and for them once every 90 days is the right frequency. Every individual has to decide on the right frequency of being mapped to support their goal

  2. Why are body and health measurements important?

    By providing individuals with key anthropometric measurements you can help identify risk factors for the early detection of treatable conditions such as cardiovascular disease, or monitoring for the effectiveness of a physical activity and/or healthy eating program.

    When you know your body, you’ll know which clothes to buy. Instead of looking for a size, look for a fit. Just the right fit. Just about every time

    1. After a mapping session we provide the MyBody Report which uses over 200,000 points to deliver a pre-loaded dashboard view that is available on the website and our mobile app. The number of measurements you see is based on your plan.

      General access (free)

      • Height
      • Weight

      Premium Plan

      • Height
      • Weight
      • Biceps
      • Bust
      • Upper Waist
      • Hip
      • Thighs
      • Knees
      • Calves
    2. Yes, the myAvatar feature provides a 3D avatar after each mapping session in the mPod, providing you with a 360 degree visual representation of how you look and visualise yourself like never before.
    1. Through the myHealth feature we provide you with an accurate and comprehensive overview of your health metrics. The number of measurements you see is based on your plan.

      General access (free)

      • BMI
      • Waist/Hip Ratio
      • Waist/Height Ratio
      • Target Heart Rate

      Premium Plan

      • Fat Estimate
      • Lean Muscle Mass (kg)
      • Lean Muscle Mass (%)
      • BMR
      • Ideal Weight Range
    2. Through our myGoals feature you can decide which measurements you want to improve, make sure your goal is attainable, create a sense of urgency, and set, track and measure changes in your body over time. The myGoals feature is only available via the mPort website.
    1. myFashion enables a personalised and worry free shopping experience. It provides a customised sizing solution that recommends the right size every time an mPort customer shops online with one of our partner brands. My Fashion comprises of 2 sizing solutions:

      General access (free)

      • mySize - Get quick, easy measurements, find your fit and order with ease from our growing list of some of the finest retail partners around
      • myTailor - Give tailors precise measurements and useful fitness data. Alterations and custom-made clothing is now incredibly seamless
    2. Once logged into mPort MyFashion you can shop directly on our brand partners webstores and receive on page recommendations for every garment selected. Alternatively, you can visit our partner brand web-stores and Just look out for the “find my size” widget next to each product detail:

    1. Our premium plan is designed to provide an unprecedented level of body awareness and the tools to achieve your fitness goals, and shop with confidence. Along with unlimited body mapping sessions in the mPod, the Premium plan includes 9 body measurements, 7 key health indicators, your 3D Avatar, and the ability to track changes in your body over time in either 3D or easy to read charts. Premium access also allows you to set, track and manage your goals. For a full list of inclusions visit click here
    2. Your mapping session at the mPod and setting up an account does not have any cost. All users are provided basic measurements like height, weight and BMI. Our premium plan is designed to provide an unprecedented level of body awareness and the tools to achieve your fitness goals, and shop with confidence. Along with unlimited body mapping sessions in the mPod, the Premium plan includes 9 body measurements, 7 key health indicators, your 3D Avatar, and the ability to track changes in your body over time in either 3D or easy to read charts. Premium access also allows you to set, track and manage your goals.

      For more details on premium pricing click here.

    3. You can sign up to our premium plan with the mPort app or on our website. Payments are accepted with either PayPal or Credit Card.

    4. At mPort we want to provide the best service and we don’t want to lock you into anything. Should you feel it’s not for you then you can cancel anytime. Please see the Terms and Conditions for details.
    5. First, we’d be sorry to see you go but if you do need to cancel you can do this from within the website account area. Login, chose My Plan and follow the prompts to cancel your subscription.
    6. We provide the option to use PayPal for payment. If you have not used PayPal before they may charge $1 to your account. This is a standard mechanism that payment providers use in order to help with fraud prevention. Typically, the money will be refunded back into your account within 10 days. If this doesn’t happen, please contact PayPal directly.
    7. Yes, we don’t remove any mapping sessions. If you do lapse a payment for whatever reason you are automatically placed on the free plan, with limited access to the product features. Once you re-join the premium plan, all your previous data will be available again.
    8. Yes, our app is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones and is the best way to access your account and the mPort platform.
    1. We have three ways of registering. You can do this online before visiting an mPod, you can register using the Android or iPhone app or you can complete the registration process directly during a mapping session. We recommend registering using the mobile app as it speeds up your first mapping session when in the mPod.

      When online click the Profile icon at the top right of any page.

    2. That's ok, we have a forgotten password feature which you can access from the Login screen.
    3. Great, it's good to regularly change your password. Once you’re logged in, select the Profile icon and from the dropdown select "My Profile" then select “change password” from the navigation. Fill in the form and you're done.
    4. When you use our service if necessary we will email you specific outcomes and next steps, such as “your mapping session is now available”. These are classed as service messages, and if you no longer want to receive these just stop using our service.

      From time to time we may also send you marketing emails to provide you with news, updates, reminders and tailored content that will help you get the best from the mPort service. If you don’t want to receive these emails you can simple request to be opted-out from the bottom of these emails.

    1. As you and I can attest; technology moves at a very fast pace! This is the same for 3D mapping as well as internet browsers. For us, it’s very important that we provide equity in access through secure up to date browsers.

      To get the best experience on our platform please make sure you’re using one of either:

      • Latest version of both iOS and the Safari browser (phone or tablet)
      • Latest version of both the Android operating system and the Chrome browser
      • Latest version of MAC and Safari or Chrome
      • Latest version of Windows and Chrome or Internet Explorer

      While we do test against other devices, platforms or browsers we’d hope you can use one of the above. For further information on browser software see: www.browsehappy.com

    2. Mport's website and online services may use “cookies.” Cookies enable you to use and personalize your experience on our sites, tell us which parts of our website people have visited, help us measure the effectiveness of searches, and give us insights into user behaviour so we can improve our communications and products.

      Because cookies are used throughout our websites, disabling them may prevent you from using certain parts of the site.

    1. Only you will have access to your measurements and mPort will not share your personal information to any company without your permission. General data may be used for research purposes, but only namelessly to ensure anonymity.
    2. The security of your data is of the highest priority. We use SSL secure tunnel to encrypt data during requests, and passwords are encrypted in the database.

      We do not store credit card information on our systems. We leave that to the secure payment gateway.

  3. How do I contact support?

    Our support team are always happy to help. Whether it's a general query on our service offering, specifics on a mapping session, or how to join the Premium plan. Head over to the contact form and we'll greet you there.

    Our support desk hours are 9AM-5.30PM Australian Eastern Standard Time.

  4. Great, we would love to hear from you. If your interests are in fashion, health, business development, research, logistics or manufacturing please send through a detailed company portfolio/resume and we can organise the most appropriate contact here at mPort. You can send it to partnerships@mport.com.