3D body mapping

The revolutionary mPod is where it all starts. Kitted out with the latest in 3D sensor technology, this is where you’re mapped in privacy and without the need for an assistant.

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The mPod sensors use safe, non-invasive infrared technology – similar to what’s inside your TV remote. It’s safe for everyone to use.


The mPod captures thousands of data points to map the contours of your body and is accurate to within 1cm.


Fully automated, easy and fun to use. In just 7 seconds the mPod will capture your body measurements and create your unique 3D body avatar.

Track your health

Set goals, visualize changes in your body and track your progress on your journey to a better you.


Want to look your best? Know your own body shape and over 12 key measurements. It helps to know.

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Simplify the world of health with an overview of 7 health measures to know how you can look, feel and be your best.

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Now visualise all the changes to your body on your journey to a better you - only on the mPort app.


Shop with confidence

Just about every time. Because, after all, you’re not a Small, Medium or a Large, you’re you.


Get quick, easy measurements, find your fit and order with ease from the finest fashion retailers around.


Give tailors precise measurements. Ordering custom-made clothing is now incredibly seamless.