Male Triangle Body Shape

July 31, 2017 by John Quinn - Product Owner - mPort

The male Triangle Body Shape is found in men with a heavier lower body. They tend to have an Ectomorph’s body classification, which is often a slim athletic look with a narrow chest.

When a triangular shaped man puts on weight it will be distributed between the abdomen, chest and face and can sometimes look out of proportion to the rest of the body. A triangular shaped man can be seen as the lucky one able to loose weight easily and have low levels of body fat, however if they want a more defined upper body they will have to work hard as triangular shaped men have a harder time gaining lean muscles.

Typical characteristics of a Male Triangle Body Shape

  • You are bottom heavy
  • Your chest is narrower than your hips
  • Your lower body is heavier than your upper body
  • You probably also have a sloping shoulder line

male triangle body shape

Style Aims of a Male Triangle Body Shape

To create the appearance of broader, squarer shoulders. The quick fix to broader looking shoulders is, as ever, to wear a blazer or jacket. This will give your top half some stronger lines whilst simultaneously taking away some of the emphasis on your hips.  Keep the seams no wider than the edge of your shoulder.

You could always look for style ideas from celebrities that share your triangle body shape: David Walliams, Michael McIntyre, Ricky Gervais.

Don’t forget to consider your vertical body shape as well as other features like age, weight, face shape, neck length, etc…

Suits for a Male Triangle Body Shape

Choosing a well fitted suit when you have a triangular shaped figure can be very difficult because your upper body is smaller than the lower part of your body, therefore emphasis needs to be made on bulking up the top half of your body.

You should opt for jackets with an athletic style with narrow body cuts and extra-large shoulder padding. This will help to emphasise your shoulders and will make the top half of your body appear more weighted giving you a better balanced proportion.

You should avoid trousers with pleats and fullness around the lower leg as these make the lower body appear bulkier and this is already the case with a triangular shaped figure.

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