Male Rectangle Body Shape

July 31, 2017 by John Quinn - Product Owner - mPort

The Male Rectangle Body Shape is like a ruler, straight from top to bottom with the chest, hips and waist all around the same size.

Typical characteristics of a Male Rectangle Body Shape

  • Your chest, hips and waist are about the same width
  • Your torso shape is straight

Male Rectangle Body Shape

Style Aims of a Male Rectangle Body Shape

To create the illusion of a trapezoid shape by choosing styles to emphasize your shoulders. You should be avoiding baggy clothes and show off your slender figure with semi fitted clothes. Opt for more structured clothing such as jackets that won’t sag downwards. Try the slim-fit options.

You could always look for style ideas from celebrities that share your rectangle body shape: Ewan McGregor, Hugh Grant, Ashton Kutcher, Jim Carrey.

Don’t forget to consider your vertical body shape as well as other features like age, weight, face shape, neck length, etc…

Suits for a Male Rectangle Body Shape

If you have a straight rectangular shaped body then a traditional British suit would complement your figure. The jacket of your suit should be of a longer length in order to keep the length of your legs and torso in proportion. Ideally you should try and find a suit jacket with as many pockets as possible as this helps to draw the attention away from the straightness of your figure and helps to create more horizontal lines on your body.

Another useful tip for buying a suit jacket is to try and choose a two button blazer as this will help to emphasise the width of your shoulders and add a more horizontal shape to your body.

When buying trousers for your rectangular shaped body you should avoid tight fitted trousers, and instead you should try to wear slightly baggy trousers to add some bulk around the leg area of your body.

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