Male (Apple) Oval Body Shape

July 31, 2017 by John Quinn - Product Owner - mPort

The Oval Body Shape is one of the most common male body shapes. It’s found in men with a rounder appearance that carry excess weight in their upper body.

Oval men first put weight on through their abdomen area and tend to become cylindrical as they get heavier.

Typical characteristics of a Male Oval Body Shape

  • Large upper arms
  • Rounded stomach
  • Slimmer legs in comparison with your upper half
  • Dropped shoulders and hipbone
  • Short neck and fuller face

Male Oval Body Shape

Style Aims for a Male Oval Body Shape

This shape represents the body of many an older gentleman. Ovals have larger upper arms and a rounded stomach which results in legs looking far slimmer in comparison. The aim here is to elongate the upper body to diminish its rounded appearance.

You could always look for style ideas from celebrities that share your oval body shape: James Corden, Elton John, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill.

Don’t forget to consider your vertical body shape as well as other features like age, weight, face shape, neck length, etc…

Suits for a Male Oval Body Shape

If you have a fuller frame then it is important to avoid heavy fabrics as this will add bulk onto your frame, instead you should opt for a fitted suit with a light, soft fabric.

Choose a suit that is a dark colour as dark colours are seen to be slimming, therefore black or navy blue suits would best suit a man with an oval shaped figure.

When deciding upon the jacket for your suit you should look for a jacket with two buttons as this won’t draw attention to your middle which is likely to be fuller if you have an oval shaped figure. This is also very modern and highly fashionable as well as having a slimming effect.

You should also consider a jacket with vents at the back as this allows room for movement; you should choose a single vented jacket as this will allow extra room without drawing too much attention to the back of your body.

The most flattering trousers for your body shaped are those that start just above your original waist line as this will give the impression that you have slimmer, longer legs.

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